When we learn in the VR/AR environment, our Memory Recall is 80%, as opposed to only recalling 30% when we learn in a traditional classroom setting

about us

Our core focus is to train/cross-train inexperienced individuals and streamline the time it takes for businesses to recruit, onboard and train all types of skilled labor in a variety of disciplines; such as Engineering, Construction, Operations, and Maintenance.

  •  Safety Training (OSHA Compliant)
  • Environmental Best Management Practices (FERC, DEP Compliant)
  • Operator Qualification (Company or Regulatory Standards)
  • Recruitment, Onboarding and Training Modules
  • Up-Skilling and Cross-Functioning Personnel

“If you are determined to succeed, You Are Driven.”

We partner with your Training, Compliance and I.T. Departments to ensure that all Company Standards and Requirements are incorporated into our designs and simulations.  Our off-site solutions for Employee Training and Integration are designed to have minimal impact and limited disruption to your daily production and operations.  We realize that traditional training methods can be costly to a company’s bottom line; especially in terms of Human Resource Planning, so our approach is to accelerate the process and employee comprehension by taking full advantage of 6DoF methodologies.